Two pictures and a story

I’m putting the blog into hibernation.

I haven’t had the energy or inclination for a while.

There’s one more image I’m still debating posting for a final Sinful Sunday, but for now I’m signing off with a quick flashback to the three most popular posts I’ve published this year (not that they’ve needed any help so far).

In reverse order, then…

3. Sinful Sunday: Sharing the bed
Written and posed in late August. Not long after this it really hit me, and as anyone who’s read the few things I have written since will know, I’m still reeling. The lovely Ouizzi picked it for that week’s Sinful Sunday round-up, which I’m fairly sure gave it an extra boost.

2. Cerulean
I work best when I have a prompt or inspiration from a third party. There are two stories I’m especially proud of; I had twice the inspiration for the other one, which should be appearing in an Actual Real Book at some point in the very near future. The origins of this one can be traced to a list of Jade A Waters‘s favourite words… and a Tantus dildo, and the window of She Said.

1. Sinful Sunday: The Reveal
A re-enactment in words and pictures of my biggest public outing to date, as a burlesque dancer performing in front of a slightly overcrowded tent – and The Chap. Apparently we’ll be doing it all over again next May. No, I shan’t tell you when and where to get tickets. Unless you’re very very good.

Thank you those of you who’ve read, commented, held my hand virtually, and encouraged me, but for now… Adieu.

Sunset over the beach, Hove




Sinful Sunday: New boots

“…and with that, she turned on her heel and stalked off.”

I’ve never “turned on my heel” in my life. Whenever I turn away from something, it’s been by pivoting on the ball of my foot.

The things that go through my head when I’m prancing about in new boots.

I do like wearing boots. It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling about the rest of me, I can’t help but strut – my Shirley Manson walk – when I’m wearing them. And new boots, that make me two inches taller, and bounce under my heels – they put a hell of a spring in my step.

Enough to turn on my heel and stalk off? Only for a Sinful Sunday photo.

Walking away in boots

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Sinful Sunday

Shopping list

I would like to have sex with someone else.

I would like them to lick my spine, from tailbone to nape of neck, to kiss and massage my shoulder blades. I would like them to bite my nipples, to run the lightest of fingers along the join between my breast and body, up the underside of my arm. I would like them to work up from my ankles, to have their body warm against my thighs as they focus on my calves, the back of my knees, fingers scouting ahead as their lips and tongue move along my legs. I would like them to grab my hips as they bury their face in my pussy.

I would like someone else to make my pelvis rock, to make me sigh, to make me yearn for more.


Sinful Sunday: Sweet release

It’s prompt week, and this month’s prompt is “simple pleasures”.

I could tell you all about the circumstances behind the above tweet – but what it boils down to is that I have a 34FF chest. Walking down to the Co-op for some milk when I’m not wearing a bra is an adventure in physics; pogoing around the living room without something supportive quickly goes from being liberating and fun to quite painful actually.

Any other woman whose nipples can migrate to her armpits when she lies down will tell you about the double edged sword that is the Good Bra. The comfort and relief that comes from wearing something properly supportive, balanced – and, towards the end of the day, negated – by the tightness around the ribcage, the straps gradually rubbing at our shoulders…

There’s nothing like that moment of release.

Woman removing bra

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday: Lazy

I spent a large part of yesterday lounging on a packed beach. Half an ear on the sound of the incoming tide, mixed with the chatter of families and groups of friends enjoying the coolest spot in a roasting town; reading occasionally; making myself relax.

Today it’s raining. I will go out; I’ll take my book and curl up in a cafe. But I don’t have to get up just yet.

Woman's navel and hand

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday: The tummy unleashed

So this is the thing I’m scared of letting loose.

This is the part of my body that even as I grew to like the rest of me, I continued to feel ashamed of.

This is the reason I wanted to keep the lights on during sex – if it ever happened again. Lying on my side, I felt my belly hanging down, a flabby, squashy *thing*. I’d rather people could see it, see how it was in proportion with the rest of me, as opposed to grasping handfuls of fat in the dark, losing their fingers up to their knuckles.

So after weeks of beautiful corsets and beautiful men holding it in, I decided it was time to let my tummy loose and take some honest photos.


Last week’s was actually tougher to publish. This one’s face on, which means I do still have curves rather than feeling like I look like a Weeble.

But still, I’ve been ashamed of what, exactly?

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Sinful Sunday