Sinful Sunday: That bra

Somehow in the past few years I’ve found myself without a good, sexy, black bra.

Then I managed to find four in a sale, and three of them turned out to be true to size *and* give me a good, oomphy, silhouette – no plunging so low that my chest may as well be flat (something of an achievement given the FF-ness), or giving me a cottage loaf profile.

I could only justify keeping two at most, and couldn’t decide between the runners up, hence the above request to the hivemind.

The reason I’ve managed to go without a black bra for so long is that I have plenty of beautifully coloured bras instead. I like vivid shades and bright things, and my underwear drawer – and the posts featuring its contents – reflect that.

My absolute favourite (at least, it was before this week’s purchases) made a guest appearance a couple of weeks back. Several people commented on how lovely it is – and it is. It’s purple over turquoise, and I swear it’s luminous.

It’s That Bra.



Actually, it’s still my favourite.

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Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday: Fireworks

I’ve been debating what to post for this week’s Sinful Sunday for a while. There’s a picture I took at the same time as this one, which is far more revealing and daring than anything I’ve posted before, but there are a few reasons I didn’t want to post it this weekend in particular.

Besides, I live in a part of the world where a few towns over they go a bit doolally at this time of year. The nice middle class town of Lewes takes it upon itself to set fire to everything in sight (apart from the Castle, the Really Old Bookshop, and Waitrose), all in the name of tradition.

I’m not so much into the fires myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love a moderately sized one in a grate, with a big chair beside it and a pint or mug of cocoa in my hands, but my favourite part of Bonfire Night is the fireworks.

Sparkler held in front of woman's breast

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Sinful Sunday

The Tantus Rumble: Here’s hoping

I’m really looking forward to January.

There’s usually a bit of a lull after Christmas. The pretty lights and the glittery decorations are gone, the effects of far too much rich food and booze the previous month really start to make themselves feel known, and if previous winters are anything to go by there’s another month to go before we get a good snowfall to brighten things up again.

But this January I hope not to notice any of that, because I’ll be hovering by the postbox in anticipation of the arrival of my Tantus Rumble.

I like my Tantus toys.

They could have been a horrible disappointment. People speak of them in awed tones, and my reaction to the Tantus Echo was so positive I was almost sure it was a fluke. Okay, so I know what kind of toys work for me and I’ve purposely sought out their textured, angled dildos.

Even the poor Tantus Purr… I have half a review written, but thorough testing coincided with herpes, then thrush, then heartbreak. The thing is, in my less overwrought moments, I still rather enjoyed how it felt and what it did to me, and I know that as time goes on I’ll be able to give it a much fairer go again. Part of me is tempted to keep it by for when the Rumble arrives.

Tantus say the Rumble will be featherweight (less than 200 grams if my calculations are right) but super powerful and, as the name suggests, on the rumbly end of the spectrum. They’ve designed it so the power button and the speed controls are separate (hurrah! No more frustrating thumb moments!).

The Tantus Rumble

The whole thing appears to be not that much bigger than one of Tantus’s dildos, at 8.5 inches long. The body looks a bit like a set of hair clippers, but the business end has a broad removable silicone head – which should make cleaning it a cinch. At this point there are three other heads available: the Spoon, the Dorado and the Convertible.

The Spoon is designed for G Spot and P spot stimulation, and the Dorado sounds like it’s supposed to emulate the flickering of a tongue. I’m most excited by the Convertible, which promises to turn suction base and vibrating dildos into *proper* vibrators.

That’s the one I’ve gone for.

I love how the Echo and Tsunami feel as dildos, but the gorgeous squishy silicone pretty much kills the vibrations provided by the RO-80 bullets that come with them. If the Rumble is as powerful as Tantus are promising, it’ll give some of my favourite toys a whole extra dimension.

The Rumble is still in the crowdfunding stage; Tantus are hoping to raise $50,000 in 60 days. Last night, after less than two weeks of funding, they’ve already raised more than $21,500 of that.

Donations range from $15 (about £10 at the current exchange rate) for a warm glow, thank you card and discount voucher towards a future spend with Tantus, to $250 (just under £180), for which donors get the Rumble plus all four existing heads, plus various other bits and bobs including a Tantus mug (oh how I want to drink my tea from a Tantus mug in the office).

I’m excited because it’s Tantus, but also because I’m still looking for the perfect wand.

The Doxy massager was powerful and quiet, but I didn’t get on with the size of the head (or the layout of the buttons). The Lelo Smart Wand Medium is light and seems to vibrate at the ideal frequency for me, but it doesn’t have the power I sometimes need. The Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe has the power and a wonderfully user-friendly control wheel but the head and the vibrations don’t seem to feel as good as they used to.

I know… there’s no such thing as perfect.

I am concerned that the size and weight of the Rumble will limit the strength of the vibrations. I fear that I’ll love the way it makes my dildos vibrate so much I’ll either have to fork out for another, or put up with an inferior wand on my clit.

But that’s getting ahead of myself, and I am nothing if not optimistic.

Roll on January.

Sinful Sunday: Cocktail Hour

If you follow me on Twitter, you might be aware of my liking for a Cosmopolitan or two.

I make them with extra cranberry juice and in double portions; I blame my parents for gifting me a set of beautiful but rather generously sized martini glasses a few Christmases back.

And with the darker evenings comes the sense that it’s okay to slip into something more comfortable that little bit earlier. Cocktail hour feels far more decadent when the lighting’s lower and the clothing is… cooler.

Woman in lingerie holding a cocktail

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E-lust #75: The Denim ad, complicated fantasies, and a lonely back

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Sinful Sunday: Sweet release

It’s prompt week, and this month’s prompt is “simple pleasures”.

I could tell you all about the circumstances behind the above tweet – but what it boils down to is that I have a 34FF chest. Walking down to the Co-op for some milk when I’m not wearing a bra is an adventure in physics; pogoing around the living room without something supportive quickly goes from being liberating and fun to quite painful actually.

Any other woman whose nipples can migrate to her armpits when she lies down will tell you about the double edged sword that is the Good Bra. The comfort and relief that comes from wearing something properly supportive, balanced – and, towards the end of the day, negated – by the tightness around the ribcage, the straps gradually rubbing at our shoulders…

There’s nothing like that moment of release.

Woman removing bra

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