Sinful Sunday: That bra

Somehow in the past few years I’ve found myself without a good, sexy, black bra.

Then I managed to find four in a sale, and three of them turned out to be true to size *and* give me a good, oomphy, silhouette – no plunging so low that my chest may as well be flat (something of an achievement given the FF-ness), or giving me a cottage loaf profile.

I could only justify keeping two at most, and couldn’t decide between the runners up, hence the above request to the hivemind.

The reason I’ve managed to go without a black bra for so long is that I have plenty of beautifully coloured bras instead. I like vivid shades and bright things, and my underwear drawer – and the posts featuring its contents – reflect that.

My absolute favourite (at least, it was before this week’s purchases) made a guest appearance a couple of weeks back. Several people commented on how lovely it is – and it is. It’s purple over turquoise, and I swear it’s luminous.

It’s That Bra.



Actually, it’s still my favourite.

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on the kiss:

Sinful Sunday


25 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: That bra

  1. Oh, that is *beautiful*. And your boobs look amazing in it. (You’ll have to forgive me, but I am going to live vicariously via your cleavage since I don’t have any of my own …) 🙂 Jane xxx


  2. I have been trying not say what I am about to say but what the heck. The softness of your skin and your body is painful to look at because you are so beautiful and the way that bra fit is seamless, almost like a second skin. I really enjoy the angles of the images too.


  3. I can totally see why that is your favourite, if the two you showed at the top though I like the one of the right (the squares) it has a very flattering shape and shows of just that little bit of cleavage



  4. That certainly is a beautiful bra 🙂
    Makes your boobs look fab! I have the same problem finding ones that fit nicely 😦 So I tend to keep wearing the same ones. Because I don’t actually get to a real shop often it makes it even harder.


  5. These are all fantastically beautiful, the bras and the woman they support. I love beautiful bras, but tend to only wear the pretty ones when I think they’ll be seen. Otherwise, it’s more comfortable ones for me. (I’ve yet to find really comfortable and really pretty in the same bra).


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