Sinful Sunday: Scrubbing up

I have a job interview on Monday. I’m usually a smart trousers and shirt with scrubbed clean Converses kind of gal. You know, female Tenth Doctor kind of thing, only I was doing it years before.

But I’ve been thinking about scrubbing up a little more than usual.

A fine pair of pins

Turning on her heel

Then again, perhaps I should make sure they’re concentrating on my skills and ideas, rather than my more obvious assets?

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on the kiss:

Sinful Sunday


16 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Scrubbing up

    • The hold ups are from the UK’s favourite, Marks & Spencer; I’ve recently been converted to the fishnets from Boots. They’re a little sturdier and not quite as ridiculously long in the body.
      The girl on the till said she’d never worn them; I and the boy on the till next to her were stunned by this. “But they shape and sculpt and help hold your other tights up!” I told her. “She’s not wrong,” the boy nodded 😉


      • Ah okay, so you are actually wearing tights and holdups over here. I thought it was tights that has the lace on it to make it look like holdups 😉
        Since I am in Bristol next week, I might just shop fishnets at Boots…


  1. Wow, you have great legs! I’m a huge fan of wearing something sexy, although usually in secret, when my day needs a boost – stockings, red underwear etc – so fishnets to an interview sounds perfect! Hope it went well!! Xxx


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