Sinful Sunday: An evening drink

I could have kicked myself when Molly announced the prompt for this week and I’d already got the image of me reading on the patio lined up to publish.

But as I said then, summer means plenty of warm evenings to relax out there – and what better after a tiring week than a drink or two with candles and a blanket for when the chill creeps back into the air?

Woman with a bottle of wine heading for an evening drink

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on the kiss:

Sinful Sunday


15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: An evening drink

  1. This picture shows so much promise. The way the area is set up, the drink in your hand and the bottle on the table. I am imagining you sharing a wonderful relaxed evening with others there.


  2. I did think the timing of your reading photo was uncanny! This is an equally gorgeous photo and I can just imagine sipping some fizz on the patio on a warm summer evening! Xx


  3. When I read the prompt of “Chairs” I thought to myself that I wanted to figure out an image where the chair was off in the background as apposed to me sitting on it or something similar. I failed to come up with an idea that I liked. You however have pulled it off. Fantastic picture!


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