Sinful Sunday: The tummy unleashed

So this is the thing I’m scared of letting loose.

This is the part of my body that even as I grew to like the rest of me, I continued to feel ashamed of.

This is the reason I wanted to keep the lights on during sex – if it ever happened again. Lying on my side, I felt my belly hanging down, a flabby, squashy *thing*. I’d rather people could see it, see how it was in proportion with the rest of me, as opposed to grasping handfuls of fat in the dark, losing their fingers up to their knuckles.

So after weeks of beautiful corsets and beautiful men holding it in, I decided it was time to let my tummy loose and take some honest photos.


Last week’s was actually tougher to publish. This one’s face on, which means I do still have curves rather than feeling like I look like a Weeble.

But still, I’ve been ashamed of what, exactly?

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on the kiss:

Sinful Sunday


27 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The tummy unleashed

  1. I can completely understand your feelings. I really love my body, accept my tummy. I really don’t like it, it is wrinkled and flabby and it is one and only thing that I would change about my body if I could. I try really hard to fight that feeling and often times I win. I have learned to accept it but love it….hmmm. I think we are our own worse critic, I know how you feel when you look at your tummy but I look at it and wish it was mine, you look beautiful, you are beautiful.



  2. I have the same issue. It’s the one part of my body I grapple with. But, Daddy says he thinks it’s sexy. And he thinks yours is sexy, too. As do I. Those curves and folds are what women are made of. There’s softness to be touched there. And do I glimpse the hint of a tattoo on your hip?


  3. I’d come back to this a couple of times today, pondering what to say, because I think you have to be very careful when commenting on something someone feels insecure about because those feeling are so subjective. There’s a fine line between being encouraging and dismissing someone’s vulnerabilities out of hand. But all I really want to say is you have *nothing* to worry about, you look gorgeous! Xxx


    • It is really difficult – how do you tell someone they’re wrong about themselves in a nice way?
      But thanks for the extra hits in the meantime 😉
      No, seriously, thank you. We’re all our own worst critics, and that’s one of the reasons I love Sinful Sunday – it gives us the chance to hear voices more realistic and forgiving than our internal ones.


    • You said so much of what I fear about leaving comments. Because sometimes the intention of the words can get lost in the writing. It’s a touchy subject (body image). Sometimes I’m too afraid that my comments will be misunderstood I just don’t leave a comment.


  4. I understand the whole body image issue. I dont think I have meet a women who truly likes the way they look….there seems to always be something to work on or change.
    I have self image issues, that are deep within since childhood, so I have an idea of how you feel. I think writing & sharing the way you have, can be a step in a positive direction towards a healthy self image.
    Your photo has a soft & innocent feel to it. Love the white knickers.


  5. Oh. When I read your intro, I thought I was going to see a tummy like mine. And then I scrolled down to this soft, smooth, rounded bit of sweetness, and part of me feels sorry for you, and part of me feels sorry for me.


    • Oh no, Vida!
      See, it looks fine, it’s just how it *feels*. Flobby and sticky-out and in the way. And, well, it’s part of a body that contained me – and that was the big issue for a very long time. Some demons take a long time to deal with 😉


  6. You’re just beautiful. Looking at you, it seems we have more or less the same body type, but I also sport an ugly scar on my tummy. It’s sometimes very difficult to accept our flaws, as I notice with myself from day to day.

    Rebel xox


  7. I, like you, hate my stomach. It’s one part of me I struggle to have in any image and am convinced I’d lose any readers when I post an image of it. I tend to do a move where I stretch my arms up which then has the effect of making my already small boobs even smaller, I can’t win!

    So whilst I understand how you feel, I’d happily swap your belly for mine 🙂


  8. I completely understand your trepidation because I also like my tummy least of all my parts. But I admire the way you’re pushing yourself and posting past your boundaries. I also want to say that this is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous woman. Your skin is luminous, your tummy is sweet and lush. Beautiful.


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