The woman behind the mask

A good while ago now, the wickedly wonderful Oleander Plume shared a bunch of her story prompts, throwing down the challenge for us to write something based on one of them.

I was really quite disappointed that Superheroes Engaging In A (Metaphorical) Pissing Contest wasn’t one of them, although that’s more because I have visions of Maria Hill turning out to be me in disguise and offering her services as an impartial judge.

But it was another of the prompts, Backstage Pass, that tied in very nicely with a fantasy that came out of the cocktail- and whisky-fuelled talk with The Chap after my participation in the Brighton Fringe.

So, ladies and gentlemen, take your seats and prepare to revel in The Woman Behind The Mask…

With their masks and carefully styled to match hair, it had been difficult to tell the dancers apart, but Neil recognised Tara from the way she tilted her head and flicked her hips. Wearing the silver and black sequined troupe costume, cut to give the impression of legs up to there and a cleavage about to escape, toying with the crowd, letting loose the performer Neil had only suspected was within her, Cabaret Tara was a hundred miles from Everyday Tara. Those small gestures were almost the only thing about her he did recognise.


Yes, there was once a full story here. It’s come down because it’s going to be published! In a book!

Did I mention how brilliant Oleander is? She and the equally fantastic F.Leonora Solomon will be editing the collection, and ohmigod I’m going to be published!




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