Review: Tantus Twist and Tantus Juice butt plugs

It took me a while to get to grips with butt plugs. I liked how they felt, somehow connecting with my clit – in the same way playing with my nipples does – but there was one of those embarrassing questions getting in the way:

Apparently it’s all about the neck. The slimmer the neck, the less your bottom’s being held open, the less chance of it pulsing, sliding, or popping out.

To this I’d add: try texture. Tantus butt plugs have a fairly wide neck, but the silicone surface and the non-diamond shaping help. The Tantus Juice still has a habit of making a break for it as I orgasm, but the Tantus Twist does not budge once it’s settled in.

Tantus Twist and Tantus Juice butt plugs

The T-bar bases make them incredibly comfortable too; as well being nervous about having a hairy bum, I’m also prone to spots. One or two of the plugs I have with round bases – particularly the one with the pretty, but rigid, jewel base – catch and irritate those spots.

I know, sexy.

But the T-bars are neat and soft with not a hint of a defined edge. It actually took getting high-res photos of them for this review for me to see the seams.

The result of this incredibly smooth and rounded construction is that wearing either plug for several hours is entirely possible, and a little more interesting with the Twist. I’m aware of its ins and outs the whole time I’m wearing it, usually in a rather pleasant way. Meanwhile I don’t know how different the Juice would feel from the straightforward Neo; the grooves seem quite understated, and I don’t feel particularly aware of any extra sensation.

The bars also allow for experimentation when using a vibrator – touch it to the ends of the bar for a gentle buzz, move it further towards the centre and the stem for much more intense stimulation.

Tantus Juice butt plug, T-bar and head

I love doing this with the Juice. The sensations range from “mmmm” when playing around the edges or using the lower settings of the Lelo Smart Wand, up to “holy fuck!” when I move up or in a few notches. And while I’ve pretty much given up on internal vibrations – they’re very rarely strong enough, or focused in the right place, or they get drowned out by the vibration of whichever wand I’m using – when I’m wearing the Juice, it’s worth the effort, because that sensation travels through the back wall of my vagina to give a subtle boost to the plug.

The smooth shape – the gentle curve instead of the more traditional diamond shape – really lends itself to play with other toys. I’ve used the Humdinger, the Fun Factory G4 Tiger, the Tantus Echo – and while the slimmer toys have been more successful (hurrah, I’m not a gaping cavern after all!) it’s more a case of finding the right angle to accommodate both dildo and Juice.

The one problem I have with the Juice is that once I start to come, it goes. There’s no room for edging and holding back for a more intense orgasm; the first hint of a contraction and the velvety smoothness of the silicone and the grooves cease to hold it in place, and my arse pushes it out with gusto.

Tantus Twist from aboveI told you, sexy.

Because of the much more pronounced shape, the Tantus Twist stays put no matter what. But while it giveth it also takes away: it doesn’t play as well with others. You may have noticed that I like texture; most of my toys have some form of ripple, raised pattern or interesting shape.

This sets them up quite nicely for a clash with the screw thread pattern of the Twist. Even the slender, smooth backed FSoG Drive Me Crazy rubs uncomfortably against the narrower, more ridged back wall of my vagina. The only dildo I’ve found to be truly comfortable with the Twist is the Lovehoney G-spot.

But as long as I go with this combination, it adds an enjoyable extra intensity to proceedings. The texture may be in a different location than I’d usually choose, but it makes up a little for the fact that my G-spot and I aren’t as friendly as we were.

There’ll be a trick to taking it out that I haven’t got wise to yet, as bearing down and giving it a little twist isn’t quite enough to free it easily. But cleaning it is a breeze. Yes, the screw threads are deep, but they’re smooth; there are no sharp delineations as with the Tantus Splash, so there’s no need for lots of careful scrubbing. Hot soapy water and the job’s done.

Tantus Twist butt plug T-bar

Both are fantastic for wearing during the day or evening for a bit of hidden thrill. The Twist excels at this, giving plenty of purchase and providing the same kind of heightened but enjoyable awareness a good set of kegel balls does.

Which is better for play during sex or masturbation depends on what else you like – for me, never patient once I get revved up, the Juice edges it even though it doesn’t let me edge.

The Juice was provided to me by Tantus, free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review; I bought the Twist from Lovehoney back when it was still in stock.


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