Sinful Sunday: The Unlikely Showgirl

This time in three weeks it’ll all be over. I’ll have performed at the Brighton Fringe, with seven other amazing women, in front of 600 people.

I used to tap dance. I was really quite good; there are an awful lot of photos of a lanky little me flinging herself gleefully about on stage.

It seems the Showgirl  was just dormant. But little me never had to pirouette, while current me has three weeks left to master it. I have, however, got the hang of flirting with the crowd, striking a pose, and getting my fan almost in the right place…

The unlikely showgirl

Come hither

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on the kiss:

Sinful Sunday


23 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Unlikely Showgirl

  1. Oh my I LOVE those gloves and with the fan they totally complete the showgirl look. Good luck with your performance I am sure you will rock it and I look forward to hearing all about it



  2. These are fabulous. Good luck with your performance, I hope we hear all about it. I’m sure there’s a showgirl in me trying to get out, even if I would get stage fright!


  3. Sexy as hell is what you are, pirouette perfected or not. I love these pics, the fan is divine and I’m sure you’ll rock the stage…good luck with the show xx


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