Sinful Sunday: Happy Easter

Coming up for a month ago, the lovely Sex Blog of Sorts did a Sinful Sunday based on my mistaken reading of her previous week’s post.

Trust me, it’s not as complicated as I just made it sound.

In any case, hers was the first Easter-themed Sinful Sunday of the year – which gave me time to come up with a not at all original response for the weekend itself.


The younger me would be incredibly proud of the image above; Caramel Eggs would have completely covered my teenaged breasts, yet now they barely conceal what little modesty I’m trying to maintain.

Hiding behind an egg

I can also nowย confirm that it’s very difficult to pose for photographs holding chocolate eggs without them melting everywhere. I had to eat them straight after taking these. It was the only tidy, grown up, responsible thing to do.

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on theย kiss:

Sinful Sunday


30 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Happy Easter

  1. I’m SO impressed by how good the naked chocolate egg looks in the second photo. Melting chocolate is one of the reasons pro photographers use plastic food in their shots!

    You have such lovely round, full breasts. Would love a little nibble of chocolate and you.


    • I forgot entirely that dark chocolate is far less melty until afterwards – possibly some clever absent-mindedness on my part to ensure lots of fun mess. And thank you for the wonderful compliment. *beams*


  2. I love these photos, but my favourite is the top one, firstly because your boobs are amazing and is quite like a pair like that, but also because the fingers framing the eggs somehow make me think of eyebrows raised in cheeky humour!! Xx


    • Thank you! I was hoping some of that would come across, like holding a tankard with a little finger out ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And yeah, I made a wish when I was 15 or so, looking down at my AAs, and wanting so much more… someone was listening!


  3. Mmmhmm… a truly mouthwatering Sinful Sunday offering. I love the way we can just see the curve of your waist in the second image. Just beautiful



  4. I love both photos! The first made me smile with your gorgeous breasts and the strategically placed eggs, the second did a lovely job of highlighting your shape behind the egg and omg, I’ve never seen a cadbury egg that large! Yum!


  5. Hmmm my egg magically disappeared before the camera came out of it’s case! Although I think the caramel eggs would manage to completely cover my modest boobs still!


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