Sinful Sunday: Brains and…

I was going to call this post Super Saturday, after the seven-odd hours of glorious rugby I was looking forward to watching.

That was when Wales were well ahead of Ireland and England in terms of points and looked to be in with a very good shot at the Championship.

Unfortunately, by the time I started work on this post Scotland had completely failed to make good on my rare support for them, letting Ireland score enough points to deprive my team of any chance of the title.

So instead of being a truly Super Saturday, it was just a (sort of) good day’s rugby viewing.

Woman in a Wales rugby shirt sitting of a sofa

Woman in a Wales rugby shirt, sitting on sofa

Who else is playing this weekend? Click on theย kiss:

Sinful Sunday


20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Brains and…

  1. There is something so friggin sexy about that last image, the plain black panties, the socks and rugby top combined with your position on the sofa just suggests a Saturday where anything could happen next…



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