Sinful Sunday - anticipationWhat’s a girl to do when her beach and The Chap are more than 300 miles away?
Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday: In exile

22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: In exile

  1. What is that saying… while the cats away the mice will play…. seems like it could fit in this senario too 😉

    More importantly though a massive big welcome to Sinful Sunday, lovely to have a new person joining in and I hope you enjoy being part of this wonderful community of bloggers



      • and it doesnt help if there are comments on the toy
        each person is different!

        i need more vibration because i have lots of nerve damage but others need less cause they are over sensitive

        and those toys with pulse programs… they do nothing for me

        sigh….. i need a sugardaddy lol or mommy haha


      • The only times I’ve found pulse patterns useful are with very powerful toys – the Doxy is insane at high power, but the rolling pattern gives the option to build up and get used to it. Different strokes (pun intended).


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