Review: Tantus Echo vibrating dildo

I feel like I’ve grown up. My first Tantus toy!
Famed for their dual-density (squishy on the outside, firm inside), fabulously coloured, ultra-premium silicone and for being a seriously switched on company, they’re the nicest possible kind of cult experience.
I have drunk the Kool Aid.
Tantus Echo plus 80mm bullet

The Tantus Echo comes in two colours, pearlescent white/cream and dark purple. Mine’s the iridescent midnight indigo, with the shimmeriness really shown off by the textured design. It has a generous, grooved, hole at the bottom for the included bullet vibrator – the same size and specs as the RO-80 single speed, and therefore also replaceable by the We-Vibe Tango if you prefer a bit of extra power – and that base makes it ideal for harness use, anal play, and gripping onto tightly when thrusting.

At just over 1.5” in diameter (4.8” around) it is rather girthy. It’s not the thickest toy in my collection – the NobEssence Seduction’s big end is wider (although smooooth), and the ChavezDezignz Jollet is bigger all over. That said, it makes the Fun Factory G4 Tiger look slim. The first time I used it, I took a bit longer than usual warming up, and because of the silicone I might have used more lube than usual. I needn’t have worried. It’s beautifully filling but not uncomfortable, and the smooth spine prevents it from feeling overwhelming.

Tantus Echo: profile and spine

Tantus say the texture – a sketched outline of the head of a penis, repeated in ripples down the shaft – makes it ideal for G-spot stimulation and pelvic floor exercising. Depending on the angle, the lower ripples feel either quite prominent against my pelvic bone or more subtle against my vaginal walls. But unlike the pelvic bone experience with the Fun Factory Stronic Drei and the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy glass dildo, the Echo is never uncomfortable, just a bit of a bump on the ride. That’ll be the squidgy silicone.

For my anatomy, the Echo isn’t quite the right shape to consistently hit my G-spot. But the recurring ripples, subtle though they may be against my pubic bone, make for fantastic sensation in the lower walls of my vagina. In fact, the first few times I used the Echo, I couldn’t quite work out what was going on when I came. It was very definitely not a G-spot orgasm, but it was also clearly not just clitoral. It’s taken repeated use over a couple of weeks to work out that the all-the-way-down texture stimulates the first inch or so of my vagina enough to give me vaginal orgasms. I didn’t know I was capable of them!

Tantus Echo, Tantus logoI haven’t given the Echo as much of a go with the vibrator in place as maybe I could have. The vibrations travel well, but the bullet isn’t strong enough for me when unsheathed so it doesn’t add that much to the dildo experience. I can see the vibration being an interesting and enjoyable addition to the feeling of penetration if you’re not so into thrusting – but I am, so I quite cheerfully go without the buzz.

So I really love this toy.

It lived up to – and passed – my expectations, teaching me a thing or two while it did so. The only grumble I have is that the silicone is the slightly tacky-feeling sort that attracts fluff like the internet does pictures of cats. Even extremely satiny bags drag on it. Oddly, my boring sensitive-skin-nothing-special water-based lube transforms it into a velvety snake of a thing – something I’ve not noticed with my other toys – and as how it feels in use is the important thing, the drag is a flaw I’m more than happy to overlook.

Now I want a Splash.


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