In memoriam: Lovehoney Humdinger

Lovehoney HumdingerI suppose I’ve been in denial for a while, changing the batteries more often and putting the apparent loss of oomph down to being spoiled by bigger, more powerful, more anatomy-grabbing toys. This morning there was no more making excuses. My Lovehoney Humdinger, more of a throaty growler than a hummer at its peak, murmured its last.

I’d been meaning to write a review coming down firmly on its side against some much more expensive toys. It’s been a seriously hard worker and multitasker, and it’s been my fallback toy when I’ve been sooo close but just missing something. It showed me I definitely had a G-spot.

The Humdinger, a curvy red plastic vibrator that looks like it’s wearing a Scream mask (the film, not the painting), is rigid, rumbly, noisy and needs the slip of paper advising which way in to put the batteries reinserted alongside them to cut down on the extra noise caused by them vibrating (thanks to the Redhead Bedhead for the tip).  These things are serious downers for some, but I wonder what they were expecting for £15. The plastic is smooth and slightly matte, feeling not quite velvety but plenty tactile. It’s a twist-to-control job and waterproof.

Lovehoney Humdinger - head shotLovehoney Humdinger - the cup
Lovehoney sell it as the ultimate clitoral vibrator, what with the nubbly bit for precision work and the cupped side for a more inclusive sensation. Customer reviews suggest that with enough lube and sensitivity using the hollow is like being sucked off. I can’t say I ever experienced that pleasure myself, but then there are evidently plenty of people who don’t get the delight I did from using it internally.

Humdinger v FunFactory Tiger

Size comparison with the Fun Factory G4 Tiger. It’s not all about girth.

And, for me at least, it feels fantastic rumbling away inside my vagina and around my vulva – the vibrations travel well. It takes a little bit of work to make it a G-spotter – after all, there’s no helpful curve and the rigidity might be uncomfortable to some, but call me weird and twisted, I quite like how that feels. That nobble, the peak of the Scream hood, is then ideal for stimulating the G-spot, either through focusing the vibrations, or a bit more manual labour. The twist-base provides a good grip and the curves add sensation elsewhere – essentially you’ve got a dildo-plus, if that’s how you prefer to roll. (As an unashamed thruster, that’s my preferred method.)

But while I’ve worn out the charge on my Mona in a session, I don’t expect it to die more permanently on me any time soon. For the use I’ve given the Humdinger (again, worth remembering, a £15 toy), I wouldn’t be surprised if other people had theirs for years before the motor burned out, but five or six months seems a somewhat short life. I can only hope it was a happy one. It was for me.

Other versions are available, depending on where you are. Good Vibrations sell the Blue Venus, while CalEx make two versions, the basic model in pearly white and a more expensive, multi-functional baby pink (ick) Hummer.

A good, rumbly, versatile first-time or budget vibrator, and one I’m sad to be sending to the Rabbit Amnesty. Will I be replacing it? Oh yes.


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