Review: Rocks-Off Mini Mates Disco

I really like purple. I have no problem with sex toys being various shades of purple and pink, as long as they’re unapologetic take-no-prisoners shades. So I love the colours of the Rocks Off range.The Rocks Off Disco
I love the brash violet of the Disco. And the ribbing. Actually, that was what drew me to it. Power Queen here can only take direct clitoral stimulation in tiny amounts, so the ribbing gives me rumble and excitement without being too much.

Except with the RO-120, I really do enjoy it. Because the Rocks-Off bullets are, well, bullet-shaped, this vibrator is much more pinpoint than anything else I own and therefore capable of finding my clitoris wherever it is, including when it decides it doesn’t like the limelight and tries to sneak back under the hood. This is good. There’s enough power to deliver plenty of sensation to my less reclusive parts, but not so much that my demanding-but-shy clitoris gets overwhelmed, or that I get numb hands.
Don’t let the Mini Mates name fool you. Powered by the RO-120mm bullet, without the silicone sleeve the bullet measures just over 12cm long and 2.4cm in diameter at its widest. It reminds me of the remotes the weather presenters use to scroll through their graphics, apart from being shiny smooth silver body-safe plastic. The silicone is that lovely smooth, not-too-draggy, velvety stuff. The settings are varied – three speeds, a variety of on-off rumbles at the higher speeds and a what’s-it-doing-now random thing. With the silicone sleeve that makes the Disco the Disco, not the Fever or the Twirl, the sensation is much more diffuse but still directable. The ribbing makes for a bit of easy variety and doesn’t damp the vibrations too much. For my have-to-work-at-it-slightly body, it’s more of a tease than a direct invitation to orgasm wildly, but combined with other toys (hello Lelo Mona 2) and a bit of coordination there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I have two issues with the Disco. The first is more industry-wide. The Mini Mates range is only a range in terms of the different silicone sleeves – not something limited only to Rocks-Off toys. Okay, so you’ve the option of sleeved or unsleeved action, but I’m not the only one who’d like to be able to experiment with different sleeves for different sensations without having to lay out for another bullet inside it as the same time.
Then there’s the button. In my day job I’m good with buttons and technology. You’d think, with a big friendly button on the base I’d be reasonably good with this one too. But it’s squishy, and needs to be squished firmly to change setting, and squished firmly for a good two seconds to switch it on or off. I don’t seem to have the correct button-squishing technique; it takes a good bit of cycling through the speed and samba settings before I can get it to JUST STOP DAMMIT. Give me a + / – option like on Lelo’s toys, please.

Good grief, that button.
It’s part of a wider design flaw. Many battery-powered vibrators are like torches, in that the batteries slot into the body one after the other. The RO-120 is powered by two AAA batteries sat next to each other. That would be fine if the cap wasn’t screw-on. The contacts to complete the power circuit rely on the cap being tightened to just the right degree. Get it off slightly and the vibe is left powerless. At quite the wrong moment, my head therefore provided me with an imaginary conversation between my dad saying I just need to tighten the cap a bit more and my mum saying no, don’t, or I’ll break it.
As a they-seem-to-know-this-is-an-issue aside, some versions of the RO-120 come with a little alignment key on the cap and body so this is less of an issue. Why mine doesn’t have this is a mystery.
Sometimes you can nudge it into life by continuing to click like a deranged weather presenter. Sometimes you need to try to twist further then click, twist further then click. There was a moment when I realised I could hear the faintest, short-lived, buzz, and so ended up holding it up to my ear and clicking for varying lengths of time to see if I could coax it into a more prolonged growl, like pumping the pedal on a reluctant car. All of these things are a mood-killer.
Perhaps it’s this particular toy, but I fear it’s more likely a batch design issue.
Another reason I want to be able to buy the sleeves separately. Who wants four or five of the same temperamental toy just to get a bit of variety on the outside, when you can get a good toy that works, then accessorise it?

If you’re able to keep the mood going while you click and twist, click and twist, go for it. If you need a higher degree of reliability, to come at the touch of a button, avoid.


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