Review: Lelo Mona 2

Oh. My. Word.
Everything you read about Lelo vibrators – sorry, pleasure objects – is true. They come in beautiful, elegant, packaging, they look like small pieces of art, and they are generally well worth the “how much?!” moment most people have when they clock the price tag.
Lelo Mona 2 in purpleThe Lelo Mona 2 looks and feels every inch the quality product. The silicone is almost seam-free – there’s a tiny raised line around the length of mine but it’s more a fold than a seam, being on the lengthways curve of the Mona’s body.

The lowest vibration level is more of a tease than anything, but the strongest is enough to keep most power queens happy. The patterns are interesting, although I’ll always favour constant rumbling.

So, after a while playing with the different speeds and patterns, ramped up to the top setting:
My G-spot is a very demanding creature. It likes stimulation, it likes lots of it, and it will shout if it feels ignored, like if I dare to consider external stimulation only. The Lelo Mona 2 gives it pretty much everything it wants. It hits it with minimum effort, and with a bit of manipulation it produces the most amazing sensations. 

Like the majority of women, I usually need clitoral stimulation to come, but the Mona 2 gets me insanely close without. The combination gave me the longest, most intense, rolling orgasms I’ve ever had, spread right across my pelvis and into my legs. My left toes refused to uncurl for a couple of minutes afterwards they were so tightly clenched.

Get me a matching Siri and I’ll be driving the local dogs crazy every chance I get.


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